Extend the new WinDbg to build your own dream debugging tool

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It's the beginning of a new era. After all those years, Microsoft has finally done what we stopped hoping for: WinDbg has been updated with a brand new UI! Past the "wow!" effect, it looks like many of the old WinDbg flaws are still there: a single command window, no history, limited scripting… But fear not, for something has changed: WinDbg now provides a number of extension points (undocumented at this time) that can be used to fully customize the UI and drive the debugging engine. It's up to us to turn this application into our own dream debugging tool!

In that session, you'll explore the various extension points provided by the new WinDbg. You will learn how to use them to improve the user experience by turning the app into a fully featured multi-window debugger with live C#/ClrMD scripting support.

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